No Wireless Networks Were Found In Range

no wireless networks were found in range

No wireless networks were found in range

Do you have a Atheros wifi card and a Laptop? All of a sudden the wifi is showning no connection, no wireless networks were found in range?

Maybe its an Atheros AR5005G in a Toshiba Equium laptop, maybe not, but, if you have checked the wifi switch is ON, the wifi LED is ON, your router is ON and you search for wireless networks and you are presented with this:

 no wireless networks were found in range

Then you are at the right place, read on!

WZC Windows Zero Configuration

Looks like WZC is stuffed, normally its fine and takes my WPA key, connects me to my router and gives me an icon by the clock to show I am connected to my router. 

Ticking the box to Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings proves fruitless although adding an SSID and WPA key in manually may get you on the net (although the icon by the clock says otherwise!)

 use windows to manage my wireless settings

How to fix No wireless networks found in range - instructions next

Wifi not working?

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