No Wireless Networks Were Found In Range

no wireless networks were found in range

How to fix No wireless networks found in range

Its not an elegant solution to "No wireless networks found in range" but it does work for the Atheros AR5005G and other Atheros wifi cards found in Toshiba laptops and quite probably, any laptop running XP with an atheros card.


If you don't have XP, then you still have a head start on what to try to get yourself back on wireless in the least time at the least cost.

What you need

What you need to do is install the Atheros Wireless Client. As I said, its not elegant, but does fix the problem.


You can get the Atheros Wireless Client here, here or here


The next problem is that you will need to configure the Atheros Wireless Client with your SSID and WEP/WPA key.

Configure the Atheros wireless client

Configure the Atheros wireless client tips can be found here


Click the link above for the next page, how to configure the atheros client. You may not need this step if you already know how to configure the atheros client or you don't have an atheros card.